Saturday, May 31, 2014

575 – A code to friendship

One of my favourite Indian movie is a 2001 released “Dil Chahata Hai”.  One of the reason I connect to this movie is the road trip by three friends to Goa.  Almost a half decade before the release of that movie, I had enjoyed a similar journey with my friends.  However, similarity of trip just ends with the highway.

Unlike the movie, our ride was an ageing Premier Padmani and in that soap-box we were eight of us, with just one skilled and under-aged driver.

I remember that evening, when the mid-night children made a impromptu plan on a park bench and embarked the journey without consent of parents or girl-friends.

That road trip had some of the craziest moments of life, including a song and dance routine to tunes of “Yaari-hai iman mera yaar meri zindagi” in the halo of car's head-light – on NH-17.  A mad dash and skinny dip on some isolated beach of Konkan.  A sleepy driver running the car off road almost in to a villager's hut.  Running out of money and sleeping under moon in the cold of night.  But it had equal amount of camaraderie when we were in trouble with locals, resourcefulness when we were short of money, team work when we had to move the car with a broken gear-box to a garage.

Life has changed since then, our success have been measured on various scales at different times of life ... on scale of academics, binge drinking, hits with girls, number of visas, job, social standing and money.  All of us are scattered in various quadrants on each of those graphs.  However, if our success are to be plotted on graph of friendship, we would all be in the same quadrant – a quadrant with high on trust – high on affinity.

We never made those planned 575 kilometers to Goa and yet when I look back, for me that plan for 575 kilometers still remains a code to friendship for a group of boys.  A group of boys who still calls themselves ... “The Gang With Bang”.

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