Friday, December 08, 2006

I am back!

It has been a month since I have landed in my dear country. It has not changed much, probably just the crowd has increased, more cement structures around, the contents in air and on TV channels are dense.

But I should admit there is no place like home and the One month sabatical from this blog must be a good indicator that I am loving it here.

My son is delighted to have me back .... or is it his PS2. My daughter she can't have enough of me. My wife.... she is happy that I am around so that she can nag me :)

I shall be writting more, but how frequently is a guess work now, but dear friends the important thing is... I am Back among my people.


Archu said...

*ahem its almost afta 2mths ur riting...n by the way....welcome back home.....:)

dOne said...

Arch, thanks for your welcome and I know I am writting after months, but I was not the only one missing from blogger, Velu and u too were gone. I have valid reasons, what about u?