Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A New Season.

2006 had been a good year until last week and just when the end of the year is around corner, life gave me a reality check.

There are people in our life who leave on us lasting impressions and build the foundation and strength of our character. These are people to whom you look with awe and within whom you find source of inspiration. You always want them around you and they keep us rooted to ground.

Then a day arrives when they leave us alone to walk our own line. They definitely must have seen strength with us and have set expectation for us that we would carry those thoughts ahead and we hope we can.

The old season is gone, the new season has dawned. I am not sure, if I should be expressing the grief over a season that has gone, a season which have reaped a rich harvest or celebrate the new season and new beginning.

My uncle left us on our path on 21st of December. He was one of the few people around whom I grew up, one of the few people in my life who taught me a lot. I may not have agreed to some of his thoughts, but I cannot deny his contribution to my life.


How do we know said...

No matter what,a loss always hits hard.. All the Best as you live with this.

dOne said...

@HDWK... thank you

How do we know said...

Good to see u back!