Thursday, July 22, 2010

Facebook , Kumbh Mela and Filumy

Selling a Facebook Reunion app came naturally to these brothers: Vijay and Ajay, after all Facebook did help them to reunite after 20 years of separation.

They had lost each other on a train ride to Allahabad for Kumbh mela along with their parents. Both brothers had prankfully hidden under the samosa-wallah’s stall on a platform. Just when the Samosa-wallah caught them for their mischief, the train left the railway station with their parents coughing and sleeping on a III tier unreserved coach and the children tearfully chasing train.

While chasing the train Ajay had fallen into a large suitecase of an uber rich lady and landed in Mumbai to live a life of luxury. Meanwhile Vijay was adopted by a devote muslim child-less couple, who were on their home from Ajmer, where they had offered prayers for a child. Vijay was brought up as an farmer in interior of rural India toiling his days. Surprisingly, both were let to keep the Devi Maa’s locket around their neck, as the adopting parents thought it was the lucky charm that brought them the god’s blessing.

Then it happened 1 year back while both chasing their love interest on Facebook, Ajay stumbled on Vijay’s page as they both were trying to woe Radha. They exchanged lots of F*** words on each other’s wall, before Vijay had a good look at the Devi Maa’s locket on one of Ajay’s shared picture.

The striking similarity between the 2 cent junket, flash-backed him to 80’s and he realized that Ajay is his long lost brother. When Vijay and Ajay confirmed that they both had an identical birth mark under their left arm Pit, it further confirmed their brotherhood.

They both now have developed Facebook and IPhone app that matches profile and scans for birth mark similarities on all pictures. It seems it is one of the top-sellers at an App store. BTW they are still searching for their parents and in their spare time they hunt for the villainous Samosa-wallah.

Meanwhile somewhere in a graveyard of Mumbai a story-teller moans relentlessly as his bread and butter story line has been killed by Facebook and the iPhone apps.

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