Monday, October 09, 2006

Eccentric Confessions.
On the days when your mind has a Blogger’s block and when your brain doesn’t seems to find anything to write about, getting tagged is kind of helpful.

Arch had me tagged asking me to write six weird stuff that I do. Now asking a weirdo about crazy things he does, is a simple question, but for weirdo to come-up with his best six crazy things is tough.

But this is an attempt.

#6. Procrastination @ work: I will probably explain this some other time.

#5. Playing video games: I just don’t want to grow out of comic books and video games..

#4. Looking at weighing scale: Every morning I stand on scale and wonder, when it would read below 170 lbs.

#3. Watching Antique Road show: I get solid kicks watching old junk from someone’s closet on PBS.

#2. Trying to get rid of my nose hair: I hate the growth of foliage right in my nostrils, so every morning I spend almost five minutes clearing them.

#1. Start and End my work in my Pajama: The first thing I do after I get up every morning is switch on my laptop and check my office mail and daily schedule and last thing I do before I sleep is check my office mail. Not that I am workaholic, but I have strange urge every day, even on holidays.

There are probably many other hidden talents in me, but I have to discover myself completely.


Velu Nair said...

LOL@ 4 and 2.
Especially 2.
strange that i have never ever bothered abt it myself till now. am gonna head straight to the mirror and take a look, right now!

Archana said...

ok was that nose hair thing neccessary??? hmmm...procastination isnt WEIRD DJ....come on...u are capable of much more wierd things...n the 2 wierd things u mentioned, that i liked the most was the 3rd & 5th Point!!!