Thursday, October 05, 2006

Business Travel

Now if I tell you that I had an opportunity of a business trip with a charming lady and get to spend few days in a room with another four beautiful ladies, you might doubt my character and some of you might even call me lucky. Believe me even though the ladies made plans to sabotage my reputation, I stayed true.

Organizations around world are pushing for diversity and women empowerment. In that room I felt the idea had gone a little too far, but I wasn’t complaining, why should I? However, I should admit that I was amazed at the intelligence and sense of humor possessed by these ladies, in whose company I had been in past few days.

While I am relishing on my last trip, ladies have already planned my next trip. The challenge is to explain these trips to my wife.


Velu said...

Okay!! Now how do I get to be in ur shoes?


dOne said...

@Velu... My Shoes are unique size. It might be difficult for you to walk in them.

Anyways you have loads of talent to be charmer.

Dyna Moriga said...

Ahhh, the fun of a flight attendant!