Thursday, October 19, 2006

Understanding Marketing.

I had lost in touch with my blog and writting skills, so after some pondering, I thought I should return to my humor stream. This one is a rated A... so folks who might take it as offence for content, you can pass this blog.

There are times here or India that you are just pushed to buy products, sometimes it is fun if the products are gadget, but sometimes the sales folk just seems like PITA.

But yet we all do have friends who work in the dreaded profession. So how exactly would you distinguish which stream of Marketing your friend is, so here is a sample scenario which might help you determine, what exact stream of marketing your friend is from.

So you enter a party and your friend approaches this fabulos girl at party and tell her ... "I'm fantastic in Bed" ....and you should deduce that your friend is from Direct Marketing team.

Now if you are party and your friends asks you to go and speak with girl and request to point him and tell her that ... he is Fantastic in bed .... thats advertising industry man.

If your friend manages to get the girls number and next day happen to call her next day and say ... "Hi, I'm fantastic in bed." .... now this fellow is from Telemarketing person.

Now if your friend meets this fabulous girl, he sobers up to her, displays his finest chivalry and etiquets.. and while at parting after partying says ... "Hi, I'm fantastic in bed." .... Then this man has to be a Public Relations Person.

Finally if at this party all the girls walk to him and mutter within themselves ... "I hear he is fantastic in bed." ... then my friend he has Brand Recognition and must be A Brand Manager.


Velu Nair said...

LOL @ the very last one. Now that delivers the punch for sure!!

dOne said...

Velu thanks

Archana said...

Lmao.....come on....that is just a figment of ur freaked out imagination.....i have had guys in the advertising industry doing the direct marketing guy shud i be looking at hime like a guy who is stuck in advertising but aspires to be a direct marketeer??? hehehhee.....tumhari imagination ki daath deni padegi...waise tum kaunse category se sure the last 1 ;-)

dOne said...

@Arch... I guess people can be good at more than one front and I guess your friend is trying to push his product at multiple fronts. Good luck to him.

Well if I am to choose my category ...definetly like to have Brand Recognition... and if I was to be associated with any Brand... it would be BMW ... THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE...