Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mumbaikar ki Punekar

This is from a former Mumbaikar, who moved to Pune for a relatively stress-free life, like many other Mumbaikars. While there are many advantages of living in Pune — green spaces, fresher air, lesser traffic and cheaper housing — enterprise is certainly not one of them.

So this former Mumbaikar visited an upmarket watch store in Pune to change the battery on her Omega watch. The store insisted that she leaves behind the watch there for 24 hours. "This is an Omega. We need to open it carefully, clean it and then replace the battery, it will take a day." So, she decided against it.

Later, on a trip to Mumbai, she went to the Heera Panna shopping centre at Haji Ali to replace the battery. A store in the shopping complex replaced the battery in three-and-a-half minutes flat and to top that, within that time, they also took out three trays of designer watches and attempted to sell her another watch.

Talk about enterprise and talk about Mumbai, they are certainly synonymous.


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW thats amazing to wonder NY is compared with Mumbai ;)
I loved the mention of Pune as me being a punekar ;)
Cheers done after a long time am here good to see u

dOne said...

@Dawn... Welcome back ... I dont think you have missed much here :-)

Well I have moved my base to Pune (before coming here)... but I still regard myself as Mumbaite :-)

Arch said...

Well all i can say is...Maajhi Mumbai Mahan!!!

And yeah DJ u have been tagged!!!!!

dOne said...

@Archu... I got play that tag now... however, the play would be begin on Friday, since I would be travelling for a business visit for next few days.

Velu Nair said...

Interesting post, Deepak!
And looking forward to ur weird tag!!