Thursday, September 07, 2006

Destructive Mind of a Demented Politician.

It is said that it was one Singh’s ill advise which made Mr. Gandhi open the door to Babri Majid so that Congress could lure the agitated Hindus after Shah-Banu case. After the debacle that followed, I had hoped that Congress had learned the hard facts of Indian politics, but guess not.

Congress remains the same, faces have changed, a decade and half later one Singh gets replaced by another.

The New Singh had to prove his worth in dynamics of great Indian Power trick, as the rumor mill started making noise that he was to loose his chair of Union Ministry and was to be packed off to a sabbatical as Governor of some state. Restless Singh had to come-up with a way to save his a*** and to prove his mantle to Goddess of Congress. And the imaginative mind of Mr. Singh came with two very innovative strategies.

First he got into center of attention using the reservation issue and divided India once again on caste lines. The poor students of medicine are still searching for cure. Then on second front he sang Vande Mattaram and ripped India once again on communal line. A song, which flamed patriotism in me, suddenly started sounding dissonant.

Kudus Mr. Singh, you have proved your worth, now Ms. Gandhi can you please kick this guy’s hind and show him road to salvation.

If Pink Floyd were an Indi-Rock group, they could have rehashed their song “Another Brick in Wall” to something like…

We don’t need no politician
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm from the podium.
Creatures live us Indians alone.
Hey! Leachers live us Indians alone!
All in all it’s just another stone on the glass.
All in all you are just another creep on the block.


Arch said...

Well....Politics mere palle nahi pada hain...nah padega...but just those sarcastic venoms u threw here made me comment...

Just wanted to say....lyrics achcha tha....utna mujhe samjh mein aya@!!!!

dOne said...

@Arch... it was pure frustration the way Vande Mattaram episode was handled.

Velu Nair said...

***Kudus Mr. Singh, you have proved your worth, now Ms. Gandhi can you please kick this guy’s hind and show him road to salvation.***