Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Travel… Stress Free

Mumbaikars or Non-Mumbaikars, everyone must have enjoyed their share of roller coaster rides on the surface streets of our Maha-Bharat bhumi, after the blessing from Rain-God.

So some innovative among us has come-up with alternative means of transportation.
Entrepreneurs among us have found business on stagnant road traffic.

While the administration have come-up with alternative means so that none of us dare to file a PIL.

So friends next time you travel... Travel Stree free... otherwise get ready to be prosecuted.

(BTW the pictures copied here are actual pictures and not morphed, courtsey ... Mid-Day... Mumbai on Move)


Velu Nair said...

Gawd!! Some of those road signs are real embarassing, arent they??? I even noticed something else on my way to Cochin this Onam. Regarding the Distance boards on either side of the Highway. It was 70 kms after a couple of hours of driving, which later changed to 80, and then 75 and then 79 and 70 again and then what not.... I had long lost interest, by then.

Just cant understand how it can get as irresposible as this!!

dOne said...

I really appriciate the sense of humor these road-side painters have. They do add some light moments or two on otherwise stress-full journey. :)