Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Angel

It seems just yesterday that my wife’s friend had showered her with Baby wishes.

My wife and myself barely had time or luxury to savor the joy of being first time parents, it is not that we don’t recollect those moments or we didn’t enjoy arrival of our son, just that we were consumed by daily struggle of life.

Good fortunes followed our Son’s footsteps to our home and we were able to give him quality time, love and caring. However, somewhere deep within us we both had a yearning to fill in the void and to relive the missed opportunity. Than God was kind enough and blessed us the joy of being expecting parenthood once again and we including our son cherished every moment of journey that lead to arrival of our little Angel.

I wish her a very happy birthday and express my gratitude to the almighty and friends who watched and wished for us.


Archu said...

Hey hey hey.......Happy Birthday to the sweet lil angel from Archu Aunty, Arun Uncle & Arisia Di (Didi)...wish we could personally wish her...but i aint knowing where to go ....she must be 2 now??rite??? lemme know...n gosh i know how u feel being there...n not here on her B'day!!!!


Btw....Arun is back :-)....

Archu said...

or is it her 1st B'day?????

dOne said...

@Archu... She is 2 now. and yes its hard to be away on such days.

Now I know whats keeping you busy.

Velu Nair said...

A Very Happy Birthday!!
And Heartfelt Wishes can NEVER be Belated!!

Whats her name, btw?

dOne said...

@Velu... Thank you.

rachana said...

hi! first time here!! and can't get away without wishing your litl angel a v happy life ahead!!!

dOne said...

@Rachana... hope my writing was worth your visit :)

Thank you for your wishes