Monday, September 25, 2006

Langage de gestion
I assume since most of you have access to computer and Internet, you are familiar with Biz-Lingo we hear at work everyday. Here are few you might hear in such Gup-cup-shup

- Ahead of the curve
- Blame game
- Blended Rate
- Buy-in
- Burn-out
- Componentized
- Cover all the bases
- Customer-facing
- Deal-breaker
- Helicopter view
- Knowledge economy
- Nuclear option
- Pig in the python
- Plugged in
- Productise
- Pushback
- Upskill
- Value proposition
- Vulture fund

Please enlighten me with new additions to my limited vocabulary.

Here is Scott Adam’s take on Lingo-specialist:


Velu Nair said...

I am ofcourse familiar with the computers and the internet, but I am at a loss to understand most of these terms.

Where have I been all this while??

dOne said...

@Velu... Good lord you were away, atleast you can talk sensible language.

Archu said...

Well i have heard so many during my advertising times...the most hilarious was when my boss said...

"Archu, its either the cavemen or monkey taming that we can do!!! Either ways Output wud be NIL , but still we gotto do it, so thats Catch 22 for u..decide??"

That really set me thinking then who is calling a cavemen n who a monkey...either ways i was glad he wasnt addressing them to me..

Am OK DJ....not so bad as u put it...but yeah just sulking...will soon get over it...thanx anyways...for understanding....

dOne said...

I am sure you must have heard lots of other Metaphoric Gyaan in advertisement industry ... after all its what your industry does best ... doesn't it :-)