Saturday, September 02, 2006


Few days’ back I had posted a borrowed text, with a title Generation Gap (I am copying the text here again):

Religious-minded woman mourning the ways of the younger generation: "It's because of the cars! Look how far they can go for a dance or a date nowadays. It wasn't that way in your day, was it, grandma?" Eighty-seven-year-old lady: "Well, we certainly went as far as we could."

I like the subtlety of message and couldn’t stop thinking how different people would have reacted if they were part of this conversation. I tried to step in to mould of few and came up with following:

An orthodox person: It is a profanity against the will of God; Car’s use is not permitted according our holy books, cars are corrupting the minds of young generation, we condem the cars and we declare ban on usage of car.

A liberal person: Lets file a public litigation case against the old lady for discrimination against young generation, the rights of every citizen is protected under our constitution.

A bureaucrat: Lets maintain a log to keep track of whom the young girl meets and how far she travels. Lets put time restriction at places where the young people visit. Also, lets invite tenders to create signboards displaying time restriction and printing of register to maintain log.

A capitalist: Lets sell fancy car and fancier add-ons to younger generation and a spying device to older generation and then anti-spy device to younger generation and much more covert spying device to old generation.

A militant: Lets send a suicide bomber at the place where young people hang out. Our fight is for enforcing Gods will, liberty, freedom and self-rule.

A consultant: Lets draw a flowchart to change the thought process (whatever it has to do with this). Also, I propose that we should conduct an off-site workshop at a Resort in Hawaii and come up with innovative solution.

A Student: Lets go on strike and show the strength of youth. The youth being future of this nation, the administration cannot curtail youth’s liberty.

A politician in power: This is a political-conspiracy by opposition party to provoke masses against government and administration.

A politician in opposition: This proves that the ruling party has no control over the law and order situation, we demand resignation of Prime minister.

A gay activist: The lady in story is a homosexual. Her sexual orientaion is displayed through the jealousy she emotes, when she discovers that the young girl is dating someone else.

An Indian zealot: Well this is story about Pakistan, look how narrow-minded outlook they have. The civil liberty curtailed and see how the liberty of young generation is suppressed.

A Pakistani zealot: This is story about India; we are for enlightened modernization, however we won’t talk about it till the Kashmir issue is settled first.

An American zealot: The liberty of that nation is in grave danger, we should send in our army, to weed out oppressive regime and establish democracy.

A News Channel: Breaking Story! Youth’s Action Condemned by Elder.


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW...what a perspective and I loved to read each one's thoughts :) where did you get this...probably I havent read the previous post let me go n check out

dOne said...

@Dawn... Glad you enjoyed. The expcerpt is from Anthony De Mello's book "Praying Naked".