Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Main Hoon DON(e)

The cash registers are going ka-ching at Bollywood box-office. I don’t remember any other year when Bollywood had spun so many blockbusters. Each month has been in anticipation of a new movie for every segment of bollywood lovers; Hritik fans, Aamir fans, SRK fans, Salman fans, Abhishek fans, fans of melodrama, fans of sugar-pops, fans of comedy, fans of serious subject and fans of Karan Johar’s kind of movie… it’s a feast and everyone is invited.

For me personally I had so far enjoyed three movies this year Ranga De Basanti, Corporate and Omkara and now looking forward to watch Farhan Akhtar’s DON.

I had enjoyed everything about the original DON, especially Amitabh screen presence. He blazes in his blazers and does what he does best. His talent justifies why classes and masses worship him. So now when Akhtar Jr. has given his flavor to one of Akhtar Sr.’s masterpiece, I am very curious and impatient to see the result.

I am not a SRK fan, yet I agree with Farhan’s choice of SRK. SRK, if he can control his hamming has necessary ingredients to fit in original AB’s shoe, however I am little skeptical about rest of the cast; especially Arjun Rampal as JJ, but with two fantastic movies on his resume, I expect Farhan to deliver another hit. I am eagerly waiting for DON’s release here in Arizona.

Meanwhile I am going to watch Don once again and enjoy Amitabh render the famous lines:
“DON(e) Ka Intezaar to Gyaarah Mulko Ki Police Kar Rahi Hai, lekin ek baat samajh lo. DON(e) Ko Pakadna Muskil hi Nahin, NAMUMKIN Hai.”


Velu Nair said...

I cant believe for the life of me, that I am the only soul on earth who havent seen the original DON!!!

*hangs head in shame, and makes it a point to get a copy of the DVD pretty soon, before the remake is released*

dOne said...

@Velu... How can you miss Big B's movies from his first innings. They were all worth it, my Grandpa wouldn't miss Big B for anything.