Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Strange are people and even strange their behavior.

A sneezing Amitabh had nation queuing outside Sidhivinayak mandir, a fallen Prince made people send wishes via idiot box. A legend passed and I didn’t even notice.

This is late post, but Hrishida was a real Rishi and he not only made excellent movies, he made the best fish curry.


Velu Nair said...

he did??
i mean, fish curry????

yeah. heres a soul who will be really missed! :(

Dawn....सेहर said...

Very true Deepak...even today when I watch his movies I can make out what kind of person he was...his simplicity was depicted through his work...! I also had the same argument with some of my friends that people only remember the glamour and fame but they dont remember who are behind all these...he is a true legend and will be remembered always by people like you and me!
Couple months back I had read about his kidney failure and that time itself I had thought no one actually cares!
Its a big loss...!

dOne said...

@Velu... Yes his fish curry was best.

@Dawn... You are absolutly right, he was a simple and humble person. Glamour industry is ruthless, it is full of attention seekers and fakes, while real gems are seldom given any light.