Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hair Hitler!

Two incidents with a degree of similarity, which are currently consuming ink and bit space in desi media circle.

One his supreme majesty the undisputed protector of cricketing world the knight of damsel in distress (read England) Lord Darrel Hair’s verdict that Inzi and his clan are guilty of scrapping leather on turf of civilized world. Does he have proof, no one knows, but how can we go against the words from the almighty protector himself, after all he is man of principle and integrity and everything else what west defines as civilized culture, while we are mere mortals.

So Inzi I guess you cannot play next five games and loose certain amount of your fee, but I adore your courage for standing up and for that alone I am going to root for your team next time you play India.

Second is the Captain of a European airliner who on a recent trip to Bombay, dint understood what a bunch of desis were chattering or probably their mannerism on flight and he had to beam a bat-signal across sky for full air force support and the flight was routed back to a safe base. Few pests (read un-amused desis) were detained for interrogation. In this age of heightened and over zealous security scenario, where a lady cannot wear a personal garment having a gel support while traveling in a plane, how did the captain dream of truckload of terrorist entering his space?

I guess it must have been something to do with mis-understanding desi mannerism. If too many of us get together, we usually don’t respect civil code of conduct. Few of the passengers must have been arrogant, asked for few extra pegs of whiskey or got excited over a in-flight show of KANK and generally showed no-care to in-flight crew’s instructions or request and rest as they say is history.

In my opinion the in-flight crew of international airline companies should be trained to understand desi psyche, the basic law is - we don’t abid any law of discipline, that is when we are in majority. We usually don’t listen to our civic administration's diktat, how do you expect us care about a flight attendant?

Or here is a better idea, just put some Air-India staff on every of flight that has a more than say 50% bookings for desis. Air-India employees are trained for such crowd control scenario, they had been herding cattle flights between Des and Middle East.

The point I am trying to make is:

  1. The west thinks being morally correct is only their virtue while developing nations are bankrupt, not only in their coffers but also in their integrity.
  2. Also as long as we remain undisciplined and as long as we have few jokers who scruff the surface of pitches without thinking twice, there would always be an excuse to point fingers in our direction.


ketki said...

lord hair's created a lot of controversy!

dOne said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hair's action... controversy is understatement.

Dawn....सेहर said...

I totally agree with the 2nd point that you made...!
Good post

dOne said...

Thank You, btw you now seems to be third regular reader here; so as an early bird special offer: you get an oppurtunity to get bog-rolled here, I hope you don't mind.


Mumbai Guy said...

What people need to understand is that they need to behave and be more duty-bound to rules.

Wearing kurtas, using cell phones, playing with plastic bags, haggling with each other, would make anyone uneasy. Why is no one bothered to read the rules and discipline self in age of heigtened security?

I dont have the answer but I wont defend such people either.

About hair raising controversy, I would side with Inzy and have all my support in his side. Unfortunately, umpires rule the game. Hopefully they come up with amicable solution.

Velu Nair said...


That does warrant some introspection on the part of any reader for sure. Especially the last bit. Way 2 go!!


Arch said...


dOne said...

Agree to everything, but not to Kurtas. In my opinion, clothes may tell about my ethnicity, but that shouldn't be an excuse to profile anyone.

I remember not so long back all Surds were subject to suspicion in India, I believe it was not fair to them and I have similar belief for muslims.

This could lead to a length conversation, so with that point I rest my case.

Totally agree, we must churned out lots of educated beings, but very few disciplined, I wonder why... but I think it will change, we will evolve with time.

Did you read todays news, the 12 individuals are now detained, because now they discovered that they didn't had Visa. Why do only Asians need to have a Transit visa during travelling over european skies. Even if they had too, then were the ground staff of airline sleeping at duty... how come they didn't validate travellers for all documentation, before they stepped on that plane. So much for heightened security measure, Checked bags, but not person's identity. I am agree to increase airport security it is necessary to keep us protected, however I think west has to learn a lot.