Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The World Fair of Religions.

My friend and I went to the fair. THE WORLD FAIR OF RELIGIONS... At the Jewish Stall we were given handouts that said that God was All-Compassionate and the Jews were his Chosen People. The Jews. No other people were as Chosen as the Jewish People. At the Moslem Stall we learnt that God was All-Merciful and Mohammed is his only Prophet. Salvation comes from listening to God's only Prophet. At the Christian Stall we discovered that God is Love and there is no salvation outside the Church. Join the Church or risk eternal damnation. On the way out I asked my friend, 'What do you think of God?' He replied, 'He is bigoted, fanatical and cruel.' Back home, I said to God, 'How do you put up with this sort of thing, Lord? Don't you see they have been giving you a bad name for centuries?' God said, 'I didn't organize the Fair. I'd be too ashamed to even visit it'

("The World Fair of Religions" in The Song of the Bird, 186-187; cf. ibid., 189-190, 195).

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Velu Nair said...

Thats a slap, long-overdue, delivered right in place.
Way to go!
Gr8 post!