Monday, August 07, 2006

Thrill of a new Gadget.

My latest acquisition is a Sony PSP. I know that’s not hot, but I am definitely not an early bird for picking up new gadgets, reasons being usually gadgets are expensive initially and also to fact that my wife monitors my finance – more specifically my expenses, I just cannot sneak them into garage without being detected.

The PSP unit for a mere $100 was a sweet deal and it was bundled with 6 games, 512 MB Ram Memory stick and a 32 MB Memory stick, few accessories and around 30 audio tunes. I am sure it would sale for $200 on ebay/craiglist, but that is not my intent to buy this unit.

Apart from using the gadget for video gaming, audio/video player and finally “Gifting” it to my son, I have few plans for tinkering with the device. Two things I can think on top of my head:

1. Turning the PSP into a universal remote
2. Turning the PSP into a GPS

I think due to time constraint, I would have to scrap my the second project and in all possibility Sony would release its own GPS plug-in device for PSP by Q4 2006. So I think I should concentrate on my first thought.

Here is my initial reciepe, for my first project:

1. Configure WACI NX’s control system which has an inbuilt web server.
2. Some shell based programming for IR.
3. Interface for PSP’s web browser.

But before I implement this project, I would have to acquire one more gadgets – a WACI NX+ or WACI NX Jr. control system. I have already started my clandestine operation to fund my next acquisition.

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