Thursday, August 03, 2006


Last weekend I had spent playing video games on my son’s PS2. The video game addiction is definitely a trait he has picked up from my side of gene pool. I myself must have spent countless hours exploring and mastering various games … that was before getting married ... Now my son gives me an excuse to buy games and gadgets.

We both would often spend hours at game shops, while my wife would complete her “errands” at malls. We would frequently browse through shops for discount deals and we even have discount cards and memberships from Game Stop and EB Games, the retail game store and subscribed to books for cheat codes and explore the Easter-eggs.

So when we were planning for my family’s return trip to India, I insisted to keep back PS2. “Excess Baggage” and “Custom Hassle” were convenient excuses to convince my wife. However, I had some resistance from my son, which I resolved by bribing him with another handheld game console – A Blue Nintendo DS. He happily accepted my offer, after negotiating and settling over “few” additional game-ware. We had to keep this deal totally secret from the chief vigilance officer in our house - my wife and so far we have been successful staying out of her radar.

Now I have the console all for myself … but few minutes in game I had a strange feeling. The games that I enjoyed playing no longer seem to be same. I went and borrowed and brought few more. Yet it didn’t give me the same satisfaction, for some reason I am not enjoying these games even though I have it all for myself.

And than I had realization; it was not the PS2 that I enjoyed … it was my son’s company.