Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pre-Orders taken for Anti-Stupidity Pill.

Now that the German scientist has found formula to cure stupidity, lets see who are going to be target audience. All humans would be benefited, but I think clinical trial can be performed on sections of following groups of individuals:

1. Politicians:
Definitely a large group, with current state of world, they would definitely need these pills. In fact WHO should float a program and come up with vaccination program for all politicians and aspiring politicians. Bush, Jaswant and Natwar needs most urgent medical attention.

2. Administrators and Babus from BMC:
The curators of Mumbai’s infrastructure definitely would benefit from this medical treatment.

3. BCCI Cricket Selection board:
With their twisted logic of resting in-form players, they too are prospect for the pill manufacturing company.

Now can some scientist please formulate a pill for pathological liars, Politicians and Generals from a neighboring country of mine needs one... actually Politicians from my country would also be benefited.

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Velu Nair said...

I wud like to add the honeydew directors on the block, headed by Karan Johar to the list!