Saturday, August 05, 2006


On the audio shelf in library this week I stumbled across a gem - “Niyaz”. “Niyaz” as I understand is yearning or need in Urdu/Farsi and aptly suited to my state of browsing through library the other day. I was yearning to listen something different; I think I had a overdose of DJ mixes and hip hop.

The sound composition from Azam Ali, Loga Ramin Torkin and Carmen Rizzo is hypnotic and ecstatic. The group terms their compilation “world music of 21st century” and their soulful composition definitely justifies their claim.

Though most of the compositions are in Persian dialects (and few Urdu), one can still connect to music. It probably has to do with Azam’s exposure to Indian and American culture, even though she is of Iranian origin. I was surprised to find that she grew in Panchgani – Maharashtra.

My favorite number on the album is titled “The Hunt” which I believe has lyrics in one of the Iranian dialect. It is about a hunter who is hunting for a game with his friend. The hunter sees his beloved in everything he sees and that restrains him from The Hunt.

The trio has posted video of their song “The hunt” on their website But honestly, the video-sound on website doesn’t justify the actual charm of composition I found on CD. They have a tour scheduled in LA next month, how I wish I could make to their concert, for now I have to be content with my own copy of their CD.

I would recommend this album if you are tired of remixes and bhangra.


Velu Nair said...

Shall check out Niyaz for sure.

Deepak, just wanted to let u know that I have blogrolled u!

dOne said...

Velu thats an honor.