Friday, August 11, 2006

Tale of two contests:

Today’s (Aug. 11th 2006) edition of Rediff has two contests for its readers. One was to review KANK and second to bid for a date with Piggy Chops.

Firstly KANK… I wonder who came with that acronym. It sounds like sound of an empty utensil or a cranking automobile. I am not a fan of Karan Johar’s cinema so he definitely had come up with a carrot to coax that Tenner from me. So the marketing team from KJ’s camp has struck an ingenious idea - asking Rediff readers to visit Movie Theater and then writing a review and then the 10 most flattering reviewers out of them would be part of Rediff’s Movie review team, sitting right next to likes of Raja Sen. I am sure there would be enough suckers like me to bit that apple. I am sure I don’t want to bite this apple.

The second is more exciting, bidding for date with Piggy Chops… well as long as there are people who are so rich that they can have bollywood personalities dance at their kids birthday party, I don’t think I won’t be able to come up with an amount that would be anywhere close. Also, I think Piggy Chops is too beautiful and I don’t want to hurt her dignity by participating in some bidding… these grapes are simply sour for me.

So here I am writing about the contest and dreaming about that date with Piggy Chops… if only I had luck like Kittu (Aftab in Mast).


Velu Nair said...



dOne said...

Velu ... I know how you feel buddy ... how about posting your review on rediff site. We need some sensible reviewers on their panel.

Velu Nair said...


Guess what?? Thx to ur info, I have sent across my review to them.

But the fact is, I have been in touch with their Entertainment Editor even before this one, and she had visited my blog and all, even said she was impressed, but suggested that I stop blogging here, and move over to RediffIland, which was kinda funny! :)LOL.

I sent across the same review thats on my blog, with minor changes here and there. Am sure they wud tell me, that it cant be accepted coz I have published it elsewhere, hehehe! :)

dOne said...

I guess you can have two personalities. One to please GODS@Rediff and add some sense to their review.

Other one a much more realistic for mortals like me at your original site.

You and Bina007 are only sensible Bollywood reviewers I have visited so far. You guys have sense of Bollywood Cinema and communicate at brain-frequency I can recieve thoughts. I have tuned myself to listen to your channels.