Thursday, July 13, 2006

Conversations with my children … Part 1

My 18month old daughter is sweetest thing in my life; she is joy of my life. Of course she is daddy’s pet and we call her Cookie.

I enjoy talking with her, even if sometimes I can’t understand what she wants to convey. I guess all parents who have been through this phase of parenthood would relate my emotions about talking to their toddler.

This particular conversation happened with her over a recent long distance telephonic conversation with my daughter. She was at my parent’s house with my wife, two sisters, parents and my sister’s husband around.

She speaks in a language only my wife and me can interpret. So for benefit readers, I have translated her words in simplified English. However, there are words, which I have not yet deciphered or I haven’t found an equivalent expression in any modern language spoken by adults.

Myself: Hello.
Cookie: Hello Daddy, Hello Daddy, Helloooo Daddy…
Myself: I can hear you sweetheart. How are you?
Cookie: Hello, Hello, Hello…
Myself: Hello darling…
Cookie: (some long speech of un-deciphered words)
Myself: How does Cookie sing?
Myself: Very nice!!! Now tell me how does a Humba (That’s my way of describing cow to my kids) talk?
Cookie: Humba.Humba (believe it or not that’s how Cows Moo in Marathi)
Myself: Good!!! Now tell me how does a Bhoo.Bhoo (That’s my way of describing dog to my kids) talk?
Cookie: bhoo.bhoo (believe it or not that’s how Dogs speak in Marathi)
Myself: Good!!! Now tell me how does a Cat (my creativity with names ended with dog) talk?
Cookie: Cat.Cat
Everyone: (Laughter)

Ten times out of ten, I bet she would have meowed to the same question, yet on this occasion she actually said “Cat.Cat”. She tricked me, she had it all figured! She has her daddy wrapped around her little fingers and she never fails to amaze me.

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