Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I get knocked down … but I get up again … You are NEVER Going to keep me down.

Like every anxious Mumbaite, staying outside Mumbai, I too had spend hours on phone, making sure my loved ones back home were safe.

I had rather interesting conversation with my father, who gave me a glimpse to the City’s attitude, I don’t have a transcript of the conversation and so I would just summarize it.

Few things he said to me:

  1. He believes that the administration is so corrupt and rotten, that the terrorist must have feed the officials and kept them around while planning the whole thing. He cited the examples of Telgi Scam and 1993 blasts. Read the book Black Friday, you will understand how the administration and politicians were actually used to carry out 1993 event. He also asked me to look at Ghatkopar Blasts of 2003, how administration staged (or purposely goofed) the entire “Blast Accussed” drama.
  2. He than said the city exists not because of its administration, but due to the citizens living here. He mentioned except for few minor rumors and confusion, fear is the last emotion you would see on Mumbaite’s face. He was all set on 7/12 morning to go do his daily business and so where millions of others. He pointed me to Stock Market just day after from the horrible incident it had gained 300 points.

Did someone from foreign media have an opinion that we are Rude? Gratitude for us is not just expression found in spoken words, but action and deeds we do, just browse newspapers and look around.

So to those who thought you can knock us down, kiss my a**. We are very much alive and kicking. We are not going to let you enjoy your sadistic pleasure.

Mumbai would rather sing….
I get knocked down … but I get up again … You are NEVER Going to keep me down.

Proud to be a Mumbaite, Salaam Bombay!

NOTE: This blog is in no way trying to underplay the horrible event and grief of people. We should all demand that the families who lost there loved ones are given justice. The traitors should be served justice. The enemy, who tried to hurt the nation, should be destroyed.

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Hiren said...

Very true about the enemy and the citizen of Bombay. What a certain foriegn media thinks is of no consequence as their opinions are irrelevant unless subsantiated.