Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mid-Day, Mumbai on the Move .... Part IV

Another section of this paper is Hit-List, it is always filled with “Stars” who never get enough space on reel-life, but they hog all the space in half of the edition. From Kim Sharma to the small time babes of Tube-world, they are splashed all over these pages. They try to enlighten us by sharing with us Gyan on their “cosmic” philosophy. There was a story about this bimbo, how she got “turned on” by Gandhi and now she is such devote vegetarian that she has given up on Milk. I think somebody forgot to explain her that Rahul Gandhi only shares his last name with Mahatma, he doesn’t have anything to do with India’s Independence movement. But then who cares about the enlightening words these lasses utter, I would just like to watch those lips move and mute the sound generated. I am sure all the gentlemen here just read these pages to enjoy and ogle at the curves on these bootyful ladies, flowing through their designer outfits.

** I have moved some text out from here, I think it was too strong (and/or offensive), I will be posting it as another post after I am done posting this entire script.

However, the best gems are embedded in Metro edition of the paper. They cover variety of stories from kitty parties in your neighborhood to the ratecard of Sabzi (Vegetables in Hindi) sold at the hawker’s cart parked under the signboard indicating “Hawker free zone”, to how Mr. Parera’s dog peed in Mrs. Patel’s veranda and to how Mr. Subramanium brought a 1985 vintage Maruti 800 from a auction.

.......... To be continued

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