Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Humor-Stabbing days … Part 1

I tried resisting the thought of publishing my homemade jokes here, in a fear of loosing friends. But yet it was hard to overcome, so I have cherry picked few (not that I have been able to write down many). I shall publish them in separate blogs, I hope you enjoy (feedback would be appreciated and also help my ego)
It was the first day at work for this beautiful girl at this place I use to work. This was her first job. Obviously, each one of us had displayed our chivalry, to this young beautiful lady, the entire morning. We were roaming like knights in shining armour. trying to save this damsel from the evils of world.
During our lunch hour, I happened to share (time) space with this girl and another male co-worker. This was his first encounter with her since her arrival, I am sure he had planned this. I definitely had timed this. I was little bit upset that this bloke was going to invade my territory. I was feeling like a raging like a buck; I just wanted to butt him out from competition.

I am sure same thoughts must be racing in his mind. We were kind of having a kind of non-verbal dual. Finally, the moment of truth arrived, we three of us were sharing the same very table and closet possible chair positions we could get, without violating her airspace.

As we settled down, he must have sensed my intentions, as I was just about to open my mouth to start a conversation. He wanted to take the initiative away from me, beat me to finishing line and he quickly prompted with his best opening line:

Are you Fresh?

"Are you fresh", what an icebreaker. I almost spurted out contents of my mouth, with a WTF expression. The poor girl was red with embarrassment and my challenger was wondering why we had this expressions.

No points for guessing, who was the victorious knight of that dual and I also don’t have to tell you, how he became the theme and went on to become a legend in break-room.


Arch said...

Guess a typical indian male....always foot is in the mouth...was this a real incident or u conjured it up from ur wacky side???

But honestly not enuf maal masala to tickle my funny bone!!! if u need my honest opinion!!!

n yeah btw...i dont have the royalty issue with her...the frndshp guess is a open deal...u do things for ur frnds...n if they dont like it...u try undoing them...n so far Vrush is cool abt it...i spoke to her today...n she liked the surprise!!!

dOne said...

Well this is kind of a semi-real incident. I did had a colleague, who had posed this question to a girl. I just stiched up that question around a fictious stituation.

Thanks for your honest opinion, I know these homemade jokes are not good enough. Thats why I gave up writing on comedy. Most of these jokes came out mild or were very offensive, but never the less I am going to use my share of WWW space.

As far as Vrush, I am sure she is happy about your surprise. Its either she is lazy to do it by herself or just a very good and "sweat" friend and I know the later is true.

Arch said...

nah she had mixed thgts abt it later in the day...u know women!!! can never get i removed it myself instead...n has promised to abstain from givin her anymore of such shocks