Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mid-Day, Mumbai on the Move .... Part IV

Any Newspaper is as good as its journalists. Daily Bugle cannot be same without Peter Parker, cannot imagine Daily Planet without Clark Kent and similarly the Mid-Day cannot be same without its people on field. Mid-Day Journalists are no less than super-heroes, hiding behind their glasses, jeans and camera lens. They are real daredevils and their efforts heroic. In past they had expose on topics that even Tarun Tejpal or Aniruddha Bahal or even Deep Throat would not have thought about or dared. They wouldn’t hesitate to disguise in costumes that even the great Mithun couldn’t beet their disguise act in his movie Lucky … No time to love. By the way did any one watch this movie, Lucky … No Time to love; I wonder why the director chooses this title. Must be having a dysfunctional tool, so he must be always thinking … How Lucky he is not to have time to love, other wise his wife would discover his non-functional organ. Can someone tell this dude, that people like him are not Lucky, in most probability his neighbours are … Lucky.

You should be a Mumbaite to understand this newspaper and in-fact I would go a step further; to qualify as a true Mumbaite, you must have your daily dope of Mid-Day.


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