Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rear View Mirror.

Automobiles have these mounted, so that you can safely change lanes or even sometimes to glance at "things" for a second passing look.

To think of it even our brains too have rear view mirrors, Experience and Memory. Experience ... which we call upon to attend challenges in life and Memories ... by which we relish about the good time of by-gone days.

And I did spend looking at the reflections in rear view mirror of memory and savored the reminiscences of good ol-days. And the cause for my nostalgic mood were blogs written by a friend. The way I hit her blogs were purely coincedental, I had lost these treasures of friendship to time and blogspot worked as a portkey, transporting them back to present. I enjoyed every bit of this nostalgic trip down the memory-lane and I am glad I was able to dust off my treasure chest.

Note: The picture on this blog always reminds me to spend a pausing moment or two, to reflect on yester-years. Also, believe it or not my Son captured this frame when he was 5 (he is 7 now) on one of the road trip, not sure if he intended it, but never the less I think the result is impressive.

1 comment:

Arch said...

ur kidding me???? Yeah actually even i was thinking who took that pic when i saw it on ur profile...very cool 1 indeed...guess u shud get it then that M has a flair for Photography...

N hope to relive ur nostalgic days thru ur adding u to my list hehehe.....ur so under the microscope DJ