Saturday, July 08, 2006

I am having a temporary “Sanayas” from my family duties, it is not that I am not enjoying my bachelor days, but this like everything; do has a price tag.

How I wish my wife would be around. Without her here, life seems to be such a drag. I miss my weekend relaxing my laze a** on the couch while casually surfing the TV channel faster than speed of light, sipping through a lime spiked Corona and then escorting my wife to mall and weekly grocery shopping. The late afternoons with kids in park and for long walks and finally retiring in evening over a wonderful dinner and some intimate moments after kids are in fairyland.

But, instead of the bliss of being with family, I am trying to search a matching pair of socks in a pile of un-sorted clothes. Struggling to put together a grocery list. Spending weekends doing laundry, ironing and cleaning this pigeonhole called apartment. Waking up late each morning and scrabbling to put together a breakfast and packing something for lunch. Yeah... Life could have been so better.

Now that is one way of looking at life, but within this chaos I find some consolation, I can smile over the fact that I don't have to do my bedding each day, after I wake up in morning. I don't have to clean dishes everyday. I can stay in front of TV as long as I want. I don't have to watch SSO (Silly Soap Operas) or STS (Silly Talk shows). I don’t have worry about keeping things neatly nor do I have to act that I am trying to do it. Life is so simple.... So simple that I can relate to those sages in Himalayas or is it like caveman. There is sense of being liberated soul, but there is also a feeling of a miserable creature trying to survive each passing day.


Arch said...

Hey Welcome to Blog everything becomes too simple to put down in words coz u dont care who reads n wat they i guess the prince has finally entered the bldg!!!

About ur post : "nor do I have to act that I am trying to do it" - Ceci, some attention needed here!!!!

Caveman?? - Now thats a thought!!!

Hey Lovely way of riting...can actually imagine u really going around the house like a headless chicken....u know when i leave Arun alone for a few days and come back ...the house is so spic-n-span..n i thank him...then he confesses that since he knows my schedule he cud manage this or else if i had come in 1 day early i wud have fainted....guess all u guys really need a real cud shove in ur a**.....but yeah even that doesnt help sometimes!

dOne said...

Arch, Thanks for welcome.

You are not suppose to read (forget reading aloud) the minutiae of thoughts encompased in a male brain.

After your observations here, I am now trying to search for a font, which can dynamically change text and mask the real message, after identifing readers gender.