Sunday, July 09, 2006

World cup Finals and when Gods err.

I adhered to my religion and tradition of masculinity by watching the Sunday finals of 2006 Football world cup today.

I should admit I was disappointed thrice in this world cup, first when Brazil was knocked out, second to the fact that the fate of cup was decided over penalty kicks, lastly and more importantly when Gods erred.

Its a shame to see the Gods of football failing to raise on occasion and lift the spirit of a great sport. A nasty argument by Rooneey in quarter final game and then vicious head butt by Zidane in finals were of poor show, taste and timing, which change fate for their followers. So these incident confirms the fact that Gods err too. However it doesn't imply that we should stop looking upto them for inspiration and knowledge. They still remain the Supreme beings and we are mere mortals.

Overall a so-so world cup nothing much to talk about. I would be drowning my disappointment in some scotch, but since there is no French Kiss for the cup and that Fabio Cannavaro achieves his "Chankya Pratignya" and rightly deserved a hair cut in the mid-field, I promise to have one peg less and also plan to treat myself to some Italian fare.

Looking forward to 2010

Avere divertimento!!!

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