Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mid-Day, Mumbai on the Move .... Part III

Then there are others, who are so serious about their business, that one would get depressed just by reading the colored advertisement in the newspaper.

Mid-Day is the only hope on this landscape and stands like a blossomed lily in middle of a pond. It is a very refreshing daily which not only features regular national and current affair news, just like any other serious Newspaper (not Fin-Fi or TP variety).

Mid-Day have featured stories on bai (house maid in Marathi or Bombaiya-Hindi) who does Jhado-kapda-burthen (Dusting, laundry and Dishes in Hindi) and her woes, to Bobby darling and his (or hers - depending upon your sexual orientation) date of the week. They have covered the entire characters from all strata of society.

They have been entertaining train-raiders with two page of TimeOut, which has the best comic strips, crosswords, sudoko and daily horoscope. I am such a sucker for predictions by Majorie Ore (and now Shirley Bose), that I usually plan my day accordingly. If she says, “Avoid conflicts at home”, I promptly go to the store buy a piece of jewellery for my wife, than clear up the dishes after dinner, before I even dare to stare at TV. If she says, “Avoid conflicts at work”, I quietly hole up in my cube, refrain from using my Gmail account, surfing Internet or taking tea-breaks. I also avoid grumbling about workload and salary with my boss. For a change I work, not just pretend to work.

.......... To be continued

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