Monday, July 17, 2006

My Humor-Stabbing days … Part 2

Here is my second installment:

One of the technicians in our technology department was given a task to create an application that would send automated greetings to everyone in organization on important holidays. So after collecting specifications, he must have spend countless hours behind his desk constructing this application. If overtime expense claim is an indicator of someone’s hard work, then he was definitely working real hard.

The day dawned when he had completed his build and it was time for him to test his work and it so happened that the next holiday that would have been Cynco-De-Mayo.

I should say here that I was impressed the way he went through the entire pre-launch task. All the activity that was happening gave me a vibe of being at NASA Huston Site. We checked and re-checked the checklist, called up few folks, got their approval. He checked if the wire were connected, the computer’s temperature, the room temperature, took quick smoke, had a leak and did the entire checklist once again. Than after much deliberation and ensuring that we had been through emergency plan drill that was conducted last week, he clicked on the dreaded button. It must have done something, really fast. He assured me everything had gone according to the plan, results on screen were fine and we were done through test cycle.

All those pre-launch activity had pumped my adrenaline level; I was so excited that I wanted to do a cheering session ala NASA style, all the fist pumping and high-five’ing routines. Since it was just him and me at his desk, with firangs sitting around, I some how manage to curtail by emotions.

Within next few hours, we received a call from one of the senior leaders in organization. The leader expressed his Thanks for greetings, but further stated that the holiday was suppose to be Cynco-De-Mayo and not Sink-De-Mail-O. He went ahead and busted my a** out with his cool temperament.

Our technical friend had triggered a massive mass mailing campaign that had dispatched zillions of Greeting emails to everyone in organization, sinking our mail communication system. So much for a planned test. I have built a small memorial at the test site, a small urn with ashes of the technicians resume.

I now know how exactly Kim Jong felt when his Taepodong missile failed at testing. I am guessing who is working for him.

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Arch said...

Now this 1 was (excuse me for saying this) ritten so thoughtfully....i mean every para was hilarious....hehehe....Esp. this line took the cake....and got few laughs too - "I have built a small memorial at the "test site", a small urn with ashes of the technicians resume.".....hey keep posting...its totally cool! Way to go DJ!!