Sunday, July 09, 2006

Someone please cage this (I don’t want offend PITA activist by saying shoot) Tiger!!

If you happen to be in Mumbai or still in touch with happenings of city, most probably you would be disturbed with latest news from city. Some tiger cubs who believe that a certain Maratha warriors blood flows through their vein, have lost their senses and unleashed yet another assault on hard working citizens of society and what a cause they have found to show their chivalry.

These PITA Activist, Tiger cubs or sons of the great Maratha warrior ,whatever you want to call them, are the one who have contributed a lot to the "curse" on this city and state by throwing good governance book out into a thrash-bin, stalling development projects and promoting farce in name of selling free space and introducing a thoughtless and ill-conceived SRD programme. Apart from this they have invested in hate-based politics and now has harvested on rich crop of goons.

I am not surprised that, after the city and its administration controlled by these Tigers, was washed down in last weeks monsoon shower, have now witnessed desecration to a statue of their Supreme Deity’s “Ardhangini”, impeccable timing isn’t it?

Now for next few months we would be consumed trying to defend our belongings and ourselves over such “Enormous” event and the administration office will wash their hands of their responsibilities of providing good governance, administration and facilities to city.

The only place where I want to see this species of Tiger is in fossils.
!!Jay Maharashtra?

Note: PITA is an intentionally used word and an acronym for “Pain In The A**”, should not be mistaken for PETA. PETA is trully a dedicated animal welfare organisation and right now they are busy taking care of many common mongrels found on streets of suburban Mumbai.
*** 7/10 UPDATE : Comic strip added, courtsey


Arch said...

:) i cant help but lol at the PITA.... PETA thing...totally well thought...hate those SS and their stupid control over this city....n they holding us ransom for some stupid reasons that never made sense to basic common intellect....

Hooligans! that's wat they are and trust me not 1 gives a damn abt that old lady or the god damn statue...they all just plan revenge on ppl they carry hatred for and then later remove it like this (when their so-called party gives them a chance) bunch of loosers...

i was just gonna to do a post on that coz i was rather pissed...but anyways..aapne hamara kaam asaan kardiya....ty

dOne said...

Never meant to deprive you of this subject. I think you should still blog your abhorrence.