Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mid-Day, Mumbai on the Move ... Part I

This one again from my humor archieve, it was supposedly written as a script for a 30 minutes stand-up act (If you can believe that).

Now since this is suppose to be a 30 min affair, this would be a loooongg post. I trying to keep this simple by splitting the script in multiple Blogs. This is my first Installment
Mid-Day, Mumbai on the Move

There are Newspapers and then there is Mid-Day. I should confess I am addicted to this daily dispatch and I cannot get enough of it. It has traces of dope in each of its pages.

I think Mass-communication and Journalism schools should have a specialization course for reporters aspiring to be become Mid-Day writers.

There is no comparison to Mid-Day for covering World, National and City news. Look at one of the other leading National News Paper in circulation, they too are head-quartered in Mumbai but the only stories they care about are BPO-bashing or alternative sex lifestyle. Now I can understand articles about their sexual orientation and fantasies. But BPO-bashing, come on give these lads some break. After long phone conversations, office romance and pizza parties, they hardly are left with any social life why do you want to give them more misery.

Then if you browse over the Cricket Section of this daily (please notice I am not saying Sports Section, because as Indian I don’t thing any other game can classify as Sports.) you won’t fail to notice an article ridiculing Sachin’s worth as a cricketer, but at the same time printing his picture sipping cola on front page. Then the very next day, you pick up the new edition and they would have a dedicated page for his brilliance in yesterday’s game, this time there would be even more advertisements from Sachin, one selling cola, shoes, cars to one selling hair brush.

.......... To be continued


Velu Nair said...

Its my firdt time here, and shud say that i had a good read!

And I liked the bit on ur profile regarding 2 fav movies for 'Madhuri value' ~ I happen to be a fellow admirer! :)

Shall be back for more!

dOne said...

Velu, its nice when somebody visits your blog. I am just month old at blogging. Thanks for your comment, they are definetly words of encouragement.