Friday, July 14, 2006

Conversations with my children … Part 2:

My son is now 7 year old and he is my Pride. We bond over a game of Racket ball, Scrabble, Playstation, Nintendo, Arcade games, computer games, internet, story books, comic books, fighting, swimming, miniature golf, trips to library, animated movies, watching TV and hassling my wife each time we go escorting her to shopping, with our continues chanting - Are we done?

Bringing back the blog to its purpose, the incident I am about to describe here happened on a lazy Saturday evening. We had camped right in our family room in front of television set watching one of his favorite TV programme. It was a usual commercial break and a public service message was being aired. The message was addressed to children, in an attempt to educate them to dangerous of tobacco consumption.

So my parental instinct took over and started by posing a question to the young man.

Myself: Did you understand what that man just trying to say on TV?
My Son: Yes.
Myself: So what do u think about using tobacco and smoking?
My Son: Its bad, I would be in trouble with Mrs. Jackson, she wont like it. (Mrs. Jackson is principal at the School, where he completed his first grade).
Myself: That’s good, but there are other things too, which are harmful. (I tried to earn a brownie point here).
Myself: Do you know even alcohol is bad too? (Signs of Foot-in-Mouth syndrome)
My Son: (pause) What is that thing, you drink when your friends come over?

At that moment, I saw three expressions. One on my son’s face, which was a mix of innocence and mischief. The second on my wife’s face that was a mix of “anger”, “don’t look at me” and “you and your big mouth” and lastly mine slightly red and “embarrassed” face. I still have those expressions embossed in my mind.
Watch your tongue around kids.

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