Monday, July 10, 2006

Not that I have many readers visiting my blog, but I thought I should clarify the selection of word "dOne" for my Blog identity.

On first cursory glance, it may sound like a crazy idea and probably represents little. However, I have contemplated lot over choice of word to represent my online identity and I think it is my obligation to record the thought process.

We as individuals have no choice or influence over the name tagged to us. A word, which we have to carry in our lifetime and even after that.

Parents try to capture their expectations and desire from their offspring; in the name they christen their child, while the child tries to search his/her identity within it. I also believe that this very Given Name influences some aspect of our character. Of course, as one attends maturity, he/she has a choice of re-inventing himself/herself with a new name, but it definitely gets embedded somewhere within the being.

Coming back to my choice of word "dOne".

First, the word needs to be understood by breaking it as "d" and "One". Also, please note here that "d" is in lower case.

"d" represents me and my given name in real life. It also represents three dimensions of my life Direction, Deliverance and Devotion.

Direction is my path in search of knowledge and an English translation of my daughter's given name. Deliverance is what I wish to attain by completing my karma and liberating this soul, this word is an English translation of my son's given name. Finally the last D is for promise of dedicated Devotion to my family, which also happens to be an English translation of my wife's rechristen given name.

The reason that the first character in the name is deliberately kept in lower case is because I want it remind me about importance of being humble. Also it has to be smaller than the next part of word ... "One" and you would understand reason in next paragraph.

The second part of name "One" represents the number of unity and integrity. It is also refers to the One ... His Almighty, we all call him with different names (and that is why the "d" has to be smaller or lower case)

Lastly, you can read the word just the way it is supposed to be read in English language, a verb that means past participation and a representation of my desire to participate in all good and righteous things in this lifespan.

Thus friends, I would like to be indentified as "dOne" in Digital world. However I wouldn't trade my real name for any other name, because that name is beautiful and also part of my ego.

The only real thing one owns in reality (and which no one can take away from you) is.... your own name and I am keeping mine.


Arch said...

3 blogs on the same day?????????? now i trust that ur not upto anything but bloggin n pure bloggin...hehehe....good 4 Ceci...

mujhe aapka d One samajh mey aya...tha...par...itna "deep" meaning hoga uska woh nahi...yaar itna kyun soch the ho....? bhala?

dOne said...


Look I have stated in my profile, “who” has got me involved into blogging. What do you think was the real purpose of doing that? If I get in trouble, you know where the blame is going to be? :-)

BTW I had coined the words “Conscious Cerebration” and “dOne”, a long time back, probably when I first started reading blogs. In a hope that if ever I start blogging, I would have two less to think about.

Believe me I had drafted this text in one of the MS Word file on hard disk drive. So the blog here was mere a process of searching the hard disk drive and then a simple copy and paste job. It was DONE!

Ok here is a secret, you might notice two variants of my blogs, one variant are prompt and thoughts that occur at that instance (they are short in content) and the others are part of my thought document collection, which I have chewed over a long period of time (these eat up more space).

Another confession, I like to be different and impress upon my own style at things I do.

You might think I am eccentric, but for some reason I enjoy my thoughts in solitude, I scribble a lot. I may not be quick-witted, but my brain works. Finally, Thanks for noticing “DEEP” (thinking) in my name.

If other didn’t get it my real name is DEEPAK.

Arch said...

Hmmm.....u know i get put off by heavy usage of heavy duty english words in a blog...that has usually been a crack up point for me not to visit that blog again...but with u since i know u a "lil"...i kinda want to read on....

Now u wud ask me y am i averse to simple words from the dictionary....well apna apna phobia samjho....

Anyways kuch bhi ho its nice reading ur thoughts....n keep bloggin...buddy!!!

N dont take any comments i say to heart plzzzzz...mein bohot bakthi hoon aise hi just 4 fun....

So peace!!

dOne said...


Point taken, I will try to refrain using demented words emitting from my mind.